Signage in George. Big signs, small signs, any signs!

Large format printing is done onto a variety of mediums such as:

  • Vinyl (gloss, matt or clear)

  • Contra Vison (shop window and vehicle windows)

  • Sandblasted (glass and clear perspex, etc.)

  • PVC (Flex face) – backlight (for light boxes,)

  • Block out pvc (white with black back) for banners,

  • Non-curl pvc for pull up banners, hanging banners, posters, etc.

  • Wall paper

  • Paper

  • Canvas

  • Textiles (limited)

Vinyl prints can be applied to a variety of surfaces, for example :

Chromadeck boards, Allupanel boards, Perspex, ABS, Corex, shop windows,Magnetic, vehicles, etc